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Some people put off things on occasion, hovewer they usually start their important tasks on time with no major problems. Others are in a different situation, where the amount and frequency of procrastination indicate that the person is suffering from chronic procrastination and its negative consequences.
Irrational Procrastination Scale (quiz mode)
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1. I delay tasks beyond what is reasonable.
2. I do everything when I believe it needs to be done.
3. I often regret not getting to tasks sooner.
4. There are aspects of my life that I put off, though I know I shouldnt.
5. If there is something I should do, I get to it before attending to lesser tasks.
6. I put things off so long that my well-being or efficiency unnecessarily suffers.
7. At the end of the day, I know I could have spent the time better.
8. I spend my time wisely.
9. When I should be doing one thing, I will do another.
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