Act when you
need to

The most challenging aspect of any task is getting started, especially for those who are constantly putting things off. With us, you will learn to start any task faster than ever before. Immediately.


The most difficult aspect of any task is getting started, especially for those who are constantly putting things off. With us, you will learn to start any task faster than ever before. Immediately.

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Woond is not just another task planner, time manager, or video course

We've redesigned the approach to eliminating constant delay, putting things off, or putting them off until the last minute, and getting rid of the guilt, the stress, the anxiety.

We specifically target those with big goals, ambitions, and a desire to achieve fantastic results. Who wants to reach maximum productivity in the shortest amount of time possible. We use cutting-edge scientific knowledge to make you feel that you're a person who can focus and start things right away, complete them, and get results. Feel that you're living life to the fullest.

Woond will help you in changing so deeply that you will be amazed when you look back on what was happening to you before.
An ultra-efficient and
easy-to-understand process

2 weeks, 15 minutes a day. We've concentrated on the most crucial objective of all: enabling you to start when you need to. You'll feel the difference as fast as feasible.

Every element of the process is aimed at giving you back control over your actions. It will boost your productivity massively.
How it works

Woond is an online tool that you can use on any device – your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Following a pre-test, you'll get access to the invite-only program that includes AI-guided, personalized techniques, recommendations, and daily progress tracking. Other than that you'll be able to see your progress, the progress of other users, and participate in group activities for maximum effect.
It felt as if this product was created for me personally. The end result is I have started making small measurable goal instead of grand plans which I couldn't keep up. I felt a huge relief as if a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I would recommend this thing to everyone suffering from procrastination and suffering from related anxiety. This could also suit anyone who likes to improve himself/herself .
Sriram S.
Project manager, Toronto, Canada
I like Woond is aimed to bring results you can feel and engage me to go deeper, it's purely focused on understanding yourself and building the right habits. During the program I noticed I understand my intentions much better, and it helped to connect my real needs with my everyday activities that take my time.
Alex B.
Startup founder, Los Angeles, USA

We developed our product in cooperation with practicing psychologists and the world's top experts. It's based on the most up-to-date data analysis on the psychological and neurophysiological causes of procrastination.

Every technique you'll learn in this course is one that psychologists use in their everyday work, has been rigorously researched, and has been proven to be effective in dealing with procrastination. These techniques were fine-tuned to work great in an online format.
Nothing but the essentials

According to Tim Pychil, a psychology professor who studies procrastination, the main challenge for the person who constantly puts things off boils down to the simple formula: "Just get started." To stop constantly delaying, especially if you are in this state chronically, deep work is required to change behavior patterns.

But the most important thing is to be able to start. That is what we will focus on. There is no turning back once you realize you are capable of starting right away.
Ongoing assistance

We will gently guide you through the entire process, assisting you in analyzing your results, goals, and accomplishments.

You'll fully comprehend what point you are at, what your objective is, what you get, and what it brings you. From day one, you'll be able to fully track your growth.
I would recommend this brilliant program to anyone who associates the list of "very important things" that were not started yesterday, the day before yesterday, or last week with so many negative emotions that one wants to close the list as soon as possible, justifying it by the fact that there are many other things to do and ongoing work that should be completed now, and then you can return to the hated list.
Yury F.
Chief Operational Officer, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
I was working from home on a new project that was moving too slowly because I was constantly distracted and couldn't organize my time and focus. This program was extremely beneficial for me, as it allowed me to organize and redistribute my resources, and set new goals. The daily feedback and sense of support are very helpful and motivate me to improve.
Mila O.
Designer, Novara, Italy
Feel the support of community

You'll be able to check how other users are progressing along the same path as you, sharing their successes, getting support, and being inspired by their successes.

This dynamic makes you feel that you are not alone, and many people around you are facing similar challenges and are willing to share and support.
Internal resilience

Be aware of your goals, why you're pursuing them, and how you'll get there. The difficulty, uncertainty, distracting events, and motivation that doesn't seem high enough all fade away when you can get things started regardless of the circumstances.

Your psychological state changes once you've learned how to start a task immediately. Worries about not performing well, doubts about your self-efficacy, guilt from procrastination, and constant emotional pressure are all things of the past. A clear awareness of your productivity provides an incredible sense of freedom.
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